The sweetest cakes south of the Mason-Dixon.

Who is Leanna Brown?

Leanna is the hand, eye, and voice behind Cake Me With You. She is 27 years old, lives in the cutest little home in Crawfordville, Florida which is right outside of Tallahassee, Florida. Leanna's passions include baking, decorating, event design, antiquing, and eating pasta. She grew up wishing for victorian styled homes, tulle dresses for every occasion, and glitter through every season. 

We know the Internet is large, and sometimes deceiving. I think my number one goal for this business is to be as REAL and transparent as possible. I would like to think that I am just as professional as I am playful and fun. How can you do something so creative, and be serious all the time?!
— Leanna Brown

Loves: (In no particular order!)

  • Cake (DUH!)
  • HUGE flowers, in any shade of pink
  • Her two little girls, Lydia and Scarlett
  • Champagne, because there is always something worth celebrating!
  • Coffee
  • Jesus
  • Binge watching HGTV

The history of Cake Me With You:

It all started growing up in a home in which Leanna's mother was in charge of bringing at least 5 desserts to every Christmas gathering. Every year, starting in October, the requests would start rolling in. As soon as those Florida leaves turned their beautiful shade of crisp amber, it was like clock work. People would ask, and mom would bake. She'd pull her girls into the kitchen and make one stir, one mix, one clean, and one sneak in an occasional finger for "taste testing". It was a small, but heart felt operation. Buttermilk pies were the talk of Thanksgiving dinner. Through chattering teeth everyone would ask if she'd brought one just for them to take home. French silk pies topped a mile high with whipped cream, and of course baggies full of almond rocca which was easily, the best part of the holidays. Those early years grew Leanna's experience with timing, originality, and of course, pouring love into everything she bakes. As Leanna grew older, and had a family of her own, baby number two came, Scarlett, and Leanna decided to start a new hobby. All it took was one little cake, and she was hooked! The desire to not only make it pretty, but put her tasteful mark on each cake she baked. Eventually, people started asking her, "How much would you charge for a cake like that?" The best part about Cake Me With You's story is that it's quite unfinished. Always progressing, always moving ahead, and trying to reach new heights while still remembering our humble beginnings.